CLNCUT is the portfolio of editor E. Joseph Torres, II.

Born and raised in sunny Echo Park, California, Joseph has been influenced by many walks of life. With an eclectic and creative background that includes being a musician with the Recording Engineering certification from the Los Angeles Recording School, a crazed coffee nut with an eye for visual composition and an interest in digital film-making, his style is diverse as well as reflective of his environment. His cultured background gives him a unique perspective on anything creative, whether it be his musical taste, visual arrangement, editorial style, or motion design. Simply, his versatile approach to storytelling can be described as follows:.

Pacing is Everything.

Always open to innovative and exciting multi-media techniques, Joseph has always been available to collaborate with like minded individuals to create unique, compelling content. Being in the post editorial industry for over 9 years Joseph is primed to take your project to the next level.


E. Joseph Torres, II
Phone: 818.285.9939
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